August 2015: Meet Scott, who's all-in in his community

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TNMPeople is a monthly feature to introduce you to our folks behind the poles, wires and meters.

Some people may get involved in their local communities to varying degrees. Scott was all-in after he moved to a new community six years ago.

Scott, a TNMP lineman for 10 years, is just a little bit involved in the community in Nocona, including serving as president of the chamber of commerce and chairman of both the local rodeo and Mardi Gras committees.

For his commitment, Scott was named Nocona’s volunteer of the year for 2014.

“This community is good about welcoming new people,” Scott says. “Everywhere you go, everyone knows you. They treat you more like family.”

When the volunteering ends and he’s back on the clock, the weather that goes with the Red River region can make work interesting, too.

“I love the storm season usually,” Scott admits. “I like getting power back on for people. You like doing that or you never go into this line of work.

“I like storms, the pole climbing, getting someone’s lights back on. You make their day. It’s a good feeling inside.”

Lightning, winds and possible tornadoes can quickly change any afternoon and evening plans for linemen. But sometimes they are part of the plan.

“When I first started, I watched that radar to see if a storm was coming,” Scott says. “Now that I’ve been doing this for 10 years, that adrenaline doesn’t get flowing as much unless it’s a pretty big storm.

“But I see new guys now doing the same thing.”

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