Meet the folks behind the poles, wires & meters

October 2016: HIs life experiences have taught him to expect the unexpected. Meet Bob
September 2016: When a surprise storm hit, he instinctively knew what it meant. Meet Pete
July 2016: She's a survivor who wants you to stay healthy, too. Meet Vere
June 2016: Loving their life together. Meet Gayland & Kelly
April 2016: You bet she looks like an engineer. Meet Alicia
March 2016: He's a coach on the job and an umpire off of it. Meet Greg
February 2016: He's the man at the end of the line, with years of experience and wisdom under his belt. Meet Mark
January 2016: He's central to our electricity system keeping up with the oil boom. Meet Titus

2015 profiles

November 2015: He left a family trip to drive home and help restore power. Meet Dustin
October 2015: He was only going to stay at TNMP temporarily. That was 1981. Meet Mike
September 2015: He focuses on ensuring that crew members stay safe, an emphasis that's "night-and-day" from years ago. Meet Wayne
August 2015: He helps get and keep the lights on in his adopted community, and his involvement there goes well beyond his job. Meet Scott
July 2015: He's making sure that growing communities can get the power they need for their increased usage. Meet Tommy
June 2015: These brothers are very similar, yet very different - personally and at work. Meet James and Scott
Jason May 2015: He followed in his father's footsteps and made him very proud along the way. Meet Gary
Jason April 2015: She's a devoted grandmother at home, and kind of one in the office, too. Meet Dolly
Jason March 2015: Find out what translates directly from an aircraft carrier deck to a utility substation. Meet Jason
Jimmy February 2015: He's been reading meters for 28 years and has a few interesting stories to tell. Meet Jimmy
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