Meet the folks behind the poles, wires & meters

She knows how to handle tough electric linemen. Meet Debbie
He's in the thick of helping Pecos manage growth and succeed; even on the football field. . Meet Hector
Substation world is a little different for him than was working the lines . Meet Aaron
Electrical engineering meets the electric guitar. Meet Jonathan
Restoring power after storms requires a stocked warehouse. That's where he comes in. Meet Scott
A "help wanted" sign at a small utility eventually led him to Texas and a career that's not just a job. Meet Bobby
It's not that he knows everyone in Lewisville; it just seems that way sometimes. Meet Ed
She stays balanced by adding a love of painting to her detailed, technical work responsibilities. Meet Heidi
Their first time climbing poles was 33 and 25 years ago. Now they're foremen and still respected for their climbing skills. Meet Rodney & Mark
He kept working, restoring power, even after finding out the tornado had damaged his home, too. Meet Ben
HIs life experiences have taught him to expect the unexpected. Meet Bob
When a surprise storm hit, he instinctively knew what it meant. Meet Pete
She's a survivor who wants you to stay healthy, too. Meet Vere
Loving their life together. Meet Gayland & Kelly
You bet she looks like an engineer. Meet Alicia
He's a coach on the job and an umpire off of it. Meet Greg
He's the man at the end of the line, with years of experience and wisdom under his belt. Meet Mark
He's central to our electricity system keeping up with the oil boom. Meet Titus
He left a family trip to drive home and help restore power. Meet Dustin
He was only going to stay at TNMP temporarily. That was 1981. Meet Mike
He focuses on ensuring that crew members stay safe, an emphasis that's "night-and-day" from years ago. Meet Wayne
He's making sure that growing communities can get the power they need for their increased usage. Meet Tommy
These brothers are very similar, yet very different - personally and at work. Meet James and Scott
Jason He followed in his father's footsteps and made him very proud along the way. Meet Gary
Jason She's a devoted grandmother at home, and kind of one in the office, too. Meet Dolly
Jimmy He's been reading meters for 28 years and has a few interesting stories to tell. Meet Jimmy
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