Key Considerations Regarding Your Project

Please take note of these considerations that can help get your new power construction project completed as efficiently as possible.

Your application

  • The accuracy and completeness of the information you provide in your application is critical to initiation of any engineering work by TNMP.
    • Some information may need to come from the electrician or engineer you've hired for your project.
  • Modifications or additions made after the original submission often results in delays, some of which can be significant.

Additional information requirements

  • TNMP may require additional data to determine the facilities we need to install to serve you, depending on the nature of your project.
  • If applicable, a TNMP designer or engineer will contact you to discuss the need for additional information.
    • The sooner we receive your additional information, the sooner we'll be able to resume your project.

Easements & permits

  • Easements must be granted if we are to install facilities across your property or a third party's property.
    • Construction can't begin until all requirement easements and / or permits are in place.
  • Permits from the state are required if our facilities are to cross a state highway or a farm-to-market road.
  • Permits are required from appropriate rail companies if our facilities are to cross a railroad.

Costs to customer

  • Residential service projects: Customers receive a maximum $1,500 credit toward the cost of construction.
    • You will be billed for expenses in excess of $1,500.
  • Small commercial (up to 9 kilowatt) service projects: Customers receive a maximum $1,500 credit toward the cost of construction.
    • You will be billed for expenses in excess of $1,500.
  • Large commercial service projects: Customers receive a $165-per-kilowatt credit to a maximum credit of $50,000.
  • Excess expenses (if applicable):
    • Materials for your project will be ordered once any additional expenses are paid.
    • Projects can be delayed if expenses aren't paid in a timely manner.
    • Your invoice will note that your costs may change after 60 days.
    • After 60 days, the invoice will be voided and a new invoice will be generated reflecting any updated pricing, which will reflect prevailing market prices.

Multiple designs

  • One design, based on your application (Form 255) submission, will be provided for your project.
  • Labor costs associated with additional design work can be charged to you if you reject our original design and / or request alternatives.
  • Additional design work also can result in significant delays.

Material lead times

  • Your project may be delayed if it requires materials that must be ordered because they aren't commonly stocked in our distributors' warehouses.
  • Material ordering can delay projects as much as 16 weeks.
  • We will let you know if your project might be subject to a delay due to material orders.
  • Materials won't be ordered until any payments required to be made by you have been received.

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