Critical Care Process for Customers, Physicians

Critical care service is for customers who have medical conditions that require life-sustaining assistance from electricity-dependent equipment.

The service provides to customers safeguards to reduce the likelihood of disconnection.

How to apply for critical care designation

  1. Download the Public Utilities Commission's critical care application form (English PDF) (Spanish PDF).
  2. Provide the application to your physician.
  3. Ask your physician to:
    1. complete the application.
    2. send the form directly to TNMP:
    • fax: 469-484-8623
    • e-mail: Sorry, not clickable. Please type in the address. ... This is how we hide it from snooping smammers.

Your application must be submitted by a physician. We cannot accept applications submitted directly by customers.

What happens next?

TNMP will:

  1. review the application.
  2. evaluate it for completeness.
  3. notify your retail provider regarding:
    • approval.
    • whether designation is critical or chronic.
  4. send notification to you regarding approval by U.S. mail within two business days.


We will notify you of:

  • the date of designation.
  • expiration date.
  • whether you will receive a renewal notice.
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