What's Your Hurricane Plan?

Prepare for power outages

Hurricanes can cause power outages that can last for many days.

While our crews will be repairing damage and restoring power as quickly as they safely can, you may want to have a plan for not having power.

Planning ahead

  • If someone in your home is dependent upon powered medical equipment, evacuate early and remain evacuated until power is positively restored.
  • Stock up on batteries and check flashlights in advance.
  • Stock up on bottled water and non-perishable food in advance.
  • Make a plan for your mobile phone, including to turn it on only periodically if power is out and getting a backup energy source (battery-operated devices or a car charger).

Portable generators

  • Check the manufacturer's safety warnings in advance.
  • Set up and run well away from a home or business due to the risk of carbon monoxide being pulled in from outside.
  • Directly power only individual appliances and not your entire home or business.

Portable generator safety info from the Centers for Disease Control

More safety tips

  • Teach everyone in your home to stay far away from any downed power lines and equipment.
  • Assume that every line is energized and deadly, even if power is out in the area.
  • Call 911 if there's an immediate threat to public safety, then call us at 888-866-7456.

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