Restoration Priority After a Hurricane

The mission of TNMP is to restore service to our customers in a safe, orderly and effective manner and to do so as quickly as possible.

Electric power restoration is driven by a systematic, orderly approach that is neutral in terms of which neighborhoods are restored first.

Restoration is determined by:

  • high priority.
    • example: water treatment plants
    • example: sewer lift stations
  • the number of customers on a circuit and the amount of time required to restore that circuit.
    • Priority is given to circuits with large numbers of customers and short restoration times.

If you live near an electric substation or an essential service, you may get your power
restored sooner if you are on that circuit.

If you live where there are trees and overhead lines, it requires time to get the trees cut from the lines and repair/replace broken poles to restore service.

Restoration doesn’t depend on who you are, but where you live.

TNMP will work strategically to get all service restored. We are all in this together.

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