Specific Steps in Post-Hurricane Restoration

Pre-Storm Preparation

  • TNMP maintains an emergency operations plan that has been established for more than 25 years.
  • TNMP performs yearly mock drills and updates the plan as needed.

Post-Storm Damage Assessments

  • After the storm, TNMP will inspect lines by helicopter if weather allows, or walk to determine transmission and distribution damages.

Manpower and Material Estimates for Restoration

  • Depending on damage assessments, TNMP crews, poles, transformers, wires, etc., will be reviewed against earlier estimates and adjusted as needed.

Timely Requests for Outside Assistance

  • TNMP has a standing agreement with tree-trimmers and other utility companies through a mutual-assistance program as well as internal support to bring in help when needed.
  • The request for mutual assistance crews will be made prior to hurricane landfall.

Communications With Employees, Cities, Media

  • TNMP keeps customers and employees informed via:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • TNMP.com
    • city phone-tree systems.
    • updates to news outlets.
    • face-to-face meetings with city officials and leaders.

Logistical Support to Restoration Workers

  • TNMP arranges support to keep its small army of restoration crews working.
  • Logistics include fuel trucks, food, tents, portable toilets and laundry, among other things.

Two-Hour Safety Orientation

  • Before any crews are released to work, they must go through safety orientation.

Assignment of Crews to Each Location

  • Crews are assigned to begin the massive undertaking of power restoration.
  • TNMP can increase the size of its work force by bringing in line workers from
    other utilities.

Working Priority Restoration

  • Water, sewer, fire / police departments and designated important community hubs will be prioritized for power restoration.

Greatest Customer Count

  • TNMP knows which circuits supply the most customers.
  • Those circuits are the first to receive attention when we begin power restoration.

Yard-to-Yard Restoration of the Hard-to-Repair

  • Repairs must be made to a damaged structure or damaged equipment on the house before power can be restored. Customers may need to hire electricians to make these repairs and city inspections may be required.
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