Spring: Prepare for Outages

What to expect from a spring storm in Texas

  • Wind and lightning can trigger power outages when they reach our systems.
  • The impact may include large power outages - or a large number of small outages, even in a single community.
  • What exactly will happen - and where - can't be predicted.
  • Outages may be brief or - depending on the number of outages and nature of the damage - could last for an extended time.

What you can do to prepare

  • Put our phone number in a convenient location.
    • 888-866-7456
    • Select 1 to report power outages or to receive an update on current outages.
  • Have a power outage plan, which can go with any tornado or hurricane plans you may have for your home or business.
  • Your plan may include:
    • checking flashlights or electric lanterns in advance.
    • ensuring you have fresh batteries for flashlights and hand-held radios.
    • charging phones, tablets, rechargeable lanterns, hand-held video games, etc., in advance if heavy weather is being forecasted in the coming hours.
    • having snacks and drinks ready to go - but not in the refrigerator, which you'll want to avoid opening if power is out.
  • Prepare a backup plan if someone in your home depends on powered medical equipment.
  • You also may want to consider discussing with your children, in advance, what a power outage means, particularly after dark.

Stay safe

  • Avoid using landline phones if lightning is in your area, sticking with mobile or cordless phones instead.
  • Unplug sensitive devices (like computers) if lightning is nearing your area.
  • Teach everyone in your home to stay far away from any downed power lines.
    • Call 911 if there's an immediate threat to public safety, then call us at 888-866-7456.
  • Run your portable generator outside and well away from any buildings and know why you should only power specific appliances (not your entire home or business) with one.

Review additional lightning safety tips

What TNMP will be doing

  • When heavy weather is forecasted, we prepare crews for outage work in areas that are expected to be affected.
  • We also have plans for quickly calling in additional crews to assist, if needed.
  • Our first focus is on fixing damage that is disrupting power for the most number of customers.
  • Finding all of our storm-damaged equipment - particularly after dark - sometimes can be time-consuming, but our crews will keep working 24-7 until all customers have power restored from these storms.
  • We always strongly emphasize safety, so we will work carefully and deliberately.
    • We will delay restoring power in certain circumstances if that's necessary to ensure public and / or employee safety.

Updated: March 28, 2014

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