Employee Nonprofit Volunteer Grants

TNMP employees and retirees can request a contribution of as much as $500 a year on behalf of a Texas nonprofit organization with which he or she volunteers.

How it works

  • Employees must:
    • Be full- or part-time TNMP employees or retirees.
    • Volunteer their own time, outside of work hours, to qualifying 501(c)3 organizations in Texas.
    • Not receive pay or any other form of compensation from the nonprofit organizations for their service.
    • Volunteer minimums of 12 hours of service for $100 donations.
    • Volunteer minimums of 25 hours of service for $200 donations.
    • Serve on boards of directors and volunteer minimums of 25 hours for $500 donations.
  • The nonprofit organizations being assisted must:
    • Be qualifying 501(c)3 organizations in Texas.
    • Verify the number of hours volunteered.
    • Provide information on their organizations.

Employees and retirees may request only one TNMP Volunteer Grant of up to $500, each calendar year.

Apply for the grant

  1. Employee: download the application and print it.
  2. Employee: complete part 1.
  3. Nonprofit: complete part 2.
  4. Employee or nonprofit: forward the completed application to the address on the application.