Meet Dolly: TNMPeople


Mothering and working with grace and a smile

She’s a grandmother at home. She’s sort of a grandmother at work, too.

Dolly has been with TNMP for more than 25 years, having started in customer service. These days, she handles customer transaction inquiries with billing companies.

She does it all with grace and a smile.

“I enjoy working with my co-workers,” says Dolly, who works with a handful of longtime colleagues in our small League City office. “We enjoy working with each other, a lot.”

What she enjoys even more are the blessings that come from her eight grandchildren, ranging from age 5 to 14.

“I have a lot of family,” Dolly says. “My grandkids are my pride and joy. Usually when I take off, it’s because I’m going to watch them.”

They also come to Dolly and the Texas City house in which her family has been for 35 years.

“Holidays are always at my house. And I cook!” she says emphatically.

Her specialty: turkey stuffing, and being a doting grandmother for grandkids and colleagues alike.