Meet Heidi: TNMPeople


She balances work tech with personal art

There are people who are technically minded, who would sweat every detail of an engineering function in a computer system. There also are people who are less constrained, who want to be creative and artistic.

Sometimes, though, there are people who are a little of both – like Heidi.

The evidence can be found in her Alvin office: technical materials related to the systems that monitor the electric grid, surrounded by Heidi's artistic creations and her affinity for birds. That may be the perfect environment for Heidi to focus on her work.

Attention to detail

"I take my job very seriously – maybe a little more than I should," she says, chuckling. "I'm pretty detail-oriented when I do what I do."

A simple description for her work isn't easy, but her responsibilities include ensuring that communications to and from certain automated devices on TNMP's part of the grid provide data correctly to our system operations desk. She's also responsible for ensuring that those communications functions comply with state and federal operational and regulatory requirements.

"If I don't do my job right, it will draw the attention of the auditors," she says. "I have to provide evidence that we're complying with protocols."

'That's my beach'

Heidi's love of painting gives her a remedy she sometimes needs after focusing on all of those unforgiving details at work.

"It's my getaway," she says of painting. "When I can't get to the beach, that's my beach. That's where I like to go."

Oil painting is her favorite method, emphasizing landscapes and florals. A representation of George Washington at three points in his life hangs in Heidi's office – three Georges watching over her shoulder.

"That's the very first one I ever did," she says. "It's kind of a special one. It's not the best, but it's a reminder of what I need to be doing in my spare time."