Meet Luis: TNMPeople

Meet Luis 60x100

New places, new challenges

When Luis and his wife, Lisa, relocated in 2017 to pursue new opportunities, that was a big move. On the other hand, going new places is old hat.

"We've been to 24 countries," says Luis. "Traveling is one of the things we love."

Their last trip before the Covid-19 pandemic was to southeast Asia. So perhaps leaving his El Paso Electric Co. engineering position for a similar job at TNMP in Lewisville wasn't quite that hard.

It also delivered outcomes he was seeking.

"When I came to this company, I wanted greater challenges – which I got," Luis says, laughing.

Streamlining system enhancements

The humor there relates to completion of good work setting an expectation among bosses for yet more good work.

Luis did so by streamlining processes, both within TNMP and in working with contract crews, for coordinating construction of multi-mile power lines.

"A big project could take a couple of years sometimes," he says. "Now we can streamline the process and try to get it done in a year."

With the growth TNMP has experienced on its system for years, expanding capacity is a continuing priority, along with hardening key parts of our system against bad weather.

Luis made it happen on his projects and increased efficiency along the way.

Victim of his own success

The successes came by employing approaches similar to those he employed on other TNMP projects.

Successfully streamlining projects is almost guaranteed to please one's bosses. That can lead to more projects, of course.

"It's good and challenging, and I like that," Luis says. "I was able to go into those challenges and meet them. So far, so good."