Meet Scott: TNMPeople


Behind any good effort to restore power after a big storm is a warehouse full of poles, transformers and so much more.

That's where TNMP employees like Scott come in.

Scott manages inventory at our West Columbia office. He orders, receives, organizes, counts and tracks equipment large and small that is used by field employees to get the lights on.

"I get to see the whole operation," he says, "from ordering the materials to watching the job go out the gate every morning."

Growing communities

Thunderstorms make having sufficient inventory mission-critical. Wind and lightning can be unkind to a lot of equipment in short periods of time.

"When we have a storm approaching," Scott says, "we'll call our vendor and pre-order what we might need for the aftermath – transformers, wire, poles, whatever it is that we're going to need to get in here for what might be mass outages.

"We're always trying to look ahead. If you wait to the last minute, you're getting in a pinch."

It's not just storms and outages that drive Scott's responsibilities. TNMP is installing and updating poles and wires to prepare for growth in the area.

"This year has been busy," he says. "We're upgrading a lot of existing facilities. We have growing towns."

Home is where …

As a Brazoria-born-and-raised guy, Scott has seen the growth in the area, but it remains where he wants to be. The nearby saltwater fishing is a bonus, but there's much more to it.

"Even though we have a lot of growth here, it's nice to go into the local grocery store and you know almost everyone in there," he says.

"At work, we're involved in the community as a whole. We give school supplies to kids. We do our annual fundraiser for United Way – that's really big for us. We give as much back as we can to the local community."