COVID-19 Coronavirus

Texas-New Mexico Power, like customers and Texas market participants, is monitoring the COVID-19 coronavirus and we're responding accordingly.

Keeping the lights on

Springtime and its accompanying storms are upon us, so we understand if customers would be concerned about our ability to respond to power outages.

  • We've seen no indications that would cause us to anticipate delays in our outage-restoration responses due to COVID-19.
  • Should COVID-19 significantly impact our company and reduce our available in-the-field work force in a given region, we would seek mitigations.
  • Outage-restoration, in that scenario, still would prioritize key community services (hospitals, water/sewer, etc.) and outages that affect the largest numbers of customers.
  • We have customer service agents who can work from home, but many customers also can report outages and receive restoration-estimates using our automated phone system.


  • Employees continue working in the field, including conducting storm-related outage-restoration. For safety reasons, a) please keep your distance from their work areas at all times and b) please practice social distancing due to COVID-19 concerns.

Storm- and outage-preparation tips for customers

Retail markets & REP billing companies

  • We don't anticipate significant interruptions in market activity due to COVID-19.
  • More than 99 percent of our meters are advanced (aka, smart) meters.
  • Service orders, including move-ins and REP switches, are automated and rarely require human intervention. 
  • We have customer service agents and REP Relations team members working from home.
  • REP agents also are encouraged to use our REP portal for certain functions, including premise searches, on-demand reads, Safety Net submissions, historical data requests and several reporting options.

Our employees

  • We are reminding employees of the importance of good hygiene practices and encouraging adherence to CDC recommendations.
  • Employees in positions to telecommute are doing so.
  • Company travel has been limited to business-essential trips only, while an increased use of digital tools, including teleconference services, is being emphasized.
Updated: April 6, 2020