COVID-19 Coronavirus

Keeping the lights on

TNMP continues to monitor the impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus in our communities. 

While TNMP hasn't been unaffected, we have continued to construct and maintain our system and respond to power outages.

As before 2020 and as we've always done, outage-restoration prioritizes:

  • key community services (hospitals, water/sewer, etc.); 
  • outages that affect the largest numbers of customers.

Customer service agents are available via telephone for outage-reporting, but many customers also can report outages and receive restoration estimates using our automated phone system

Distancing & safety

When encountering our employees in the field, please adhere to these safety considerations:

  • keep your distance from their work areas (for Covid reasons and many other safety reasons).
  • practice appropriate social distancing.

Some local offices will be open again to visitors, based on certain requirements, later in 2021. The requirements include wearing masks and completing health questionnaires if not vaccinated.

As before COVID-19, however, most interactions (example: requests for new lines and extensions) are most-efficiently handled online or by calling our 888 number.

Retail markets & REP billing companies

We've not experienced interruptions in market activity due to COVID-19.

More than 99 percent of our meters are advanced (aka, smart) meters. Service orders, including move-ins and REP switches, rarely require human intervention. 

REP agents also are encouraged to use our REP portal for certain functions, including premise searches, on-demand reads, Safety Net submissions, historical data requests and several reporting options.

Our employees

Our employees are regularly reminded of the importance of appropriate social interactions, including when wearing masks may be appropriate. 

While the pandemic has significantly improved in 2021, TNMP encourages its employees and contractors to conduct personal interactions wisely.

Updated: July 6, 2021