TNMP History

Texas-New Mexico Power was incorporated under its original name, Community Public Service Co., in December 1934. It took ownership of all properties and assets of Texas-Louisiana Power Co. – and began operations – on Jan. 1, 1935.

Community Public Service serviced most of the communities now served by TNMP, plus some additional communities in Texas and communities in New Mexico, as power producer, distribution company and provider of customer service and billing.

It also briefly operated businesses in natural gas, ice, telephone, sewer, creameries and bottling, among others, but disposing of those businesses began before – and continued after – 1935.

Other Key Dates in Company History

  • 1951: The company exits the ice business.
  • 1962: R.L. Bowen, the company president since 1935, retires and becomes chairman of the board, a role he holds until the 1970s.
  • Early 1970s: Community Public Service completes its exit from remaining non-electricity businesses.
  • 1981: Community Public Service's name is changed to Texas-New Mexico Power.
  • 1984: TNP Enterprises is formed as a holding company for TNMP to allow diversification of business endeavors while keeping the utility operation independent.
  • 2002: The Texas deregulated market begins. TNMP in Texas remains a fully regulated transmission and distribution service provider in its established service area, constructing and maintaining lines and substations, coordinating new service and meter services and responding to outages. TNMP in New Mexico continues to operate as a traditional utility.
  • 2005: TNP Enterprises, including TNMP, is acquired by PNM Resources.
  • 2006: TNMP's New Mexico business, including the electric system, work force and customer pricing and billing responsibilities, is moved into its sister company in New Mexico, making TNMP a Texas-only business.
  • 2008: TNMP's headquarters moves from Fort Worth to Lewisville.