Severe Weather Planning

Prepare for power outages

Hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes and straight-line wind storms can cause power outages that last for days.

While our crews will be repairing damage and restoring power as quickly as they safely can, you may want to have a plan for not having power.

Planning ahead

  • Put our phone number in a convenient location.
  • 888-866-7456
  • Select 1 to report power outages or to receive an update on current outages.
  • Have a power outage plan to go with the tornado or hurricane plans you have for your home or business.
  • Your plan may include:
    • Checking flashlights or electric lanterns in advance.
    • Ensuring you have fresh batteries for flashlights and hand-held radios.
    • Charging phones, tablets, rechargeable lanterns, hand-held video games, etc., in advance if heavy weather is being forecasted in the coming hours.
    • Stocking up on bottled water and non-perishable food /snacks in advance – so you can keep your refrigerator closed.
    • Confirming your backup plans if anyone in your home depends on powered medical equipment.

Preparing your family and home for severe weather power outages

Downed Power Lines

  • Teach everyone in your home to stay far away from any downed power lines and equipment.
  • Assume that every line is energized and deadly, even if power is out in the area.
  • Call 911 if there's an immediate threat to public safety, then call us at 888-866-7456.


Know in advance how to turn off your breaker box main if there's a possibility of flood waters entering your home or business.

For your safety, turn off the breaker box main if water enters the premises.