Enter Safety Net Transaction

The safety-net process is a manual workaround used when transactions are:

  • Delayed.
  • Not functional.
  • For priority orders.

Qualifying priority orders require immediate notification to ensure that a customer receives electric service in a timely manner.

Safety net requests must be entered by retail providers.

Please download and review ERCOT's safety net process Word document to ensure compliance with market rules.

REP steps to take

  1. Download the safety net request Excel worksheet
  2. Complete the worksheet
  3. Submit the worksheet via our REP portal or by e-mail to safetynet@tnmp.com 

What happens next?

Safety-net requests are processed on business days, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Central.

TNMP will:

  1. Review your request and verify validity.
  2. Acknowledge that the request has been received.
    • Via e-mail.
    • Same business day.
  3. Make appropriate arrangements for the customer's service to be turned on.
  4. Verify the next business day that a move-in transaction has been received from the retail provider.