Preparing Your Family & Home

When storms are in forecast

  • Avoid using landline phones if lightning is in your area, sticking with mobile or cordless phones instead.
  • Unplug sensitive devices (like computers) if lightning is nearing your area.
  • Teach everyone in your home to stay far away from any downed power lines, even if power is out in the area.
  • Call 911 if there's an immediate threat to public safety, then call us at 888-866-7456.
  • Do not enter flooded areas if power lines may be down.
  • Run your portable generator outside and well away from any buildings - and know why you should only power specific appliances (not your entire home or business) with one.

Medical equipment

Confirm your on-site backup capabilities or your other alternatives if someone in your home depends on powered medical equipment.


You also may want to consider discussing with your children, in advance, what a power outage means, particularly after dark.

Damage to your property

Repairs must be made to a damaged structure or damaged electrical equipment on the house before power can be restored.

Customers may need to hire electricians to make these repairs and city inspections may be required.