Trees & Planting

Never attempt to trim a tree close to or touching a power line.

During a power outage caused by a storm, it may be necessary for us to remove trees or limbs that have fallen on power lines.

  • In order to quickly restore service, debris from storm damage will not be removed by TNMP and will need to be discarded by the tenant.
  • For any other TNMP tree trimming work, debris and brush will be removed by TNMP with wood cut to firewood size, stacked, and left on site. 

Access to your property

TNMP employees and contractors may need to access your property to trim trees or perform other work to repair or prevent power outages.

We will attempt to contact you before entering your property, but it may be necessary - particularly during an outage or an emergency - to begin work on your property before alerting you.

Section 5.4.8 of TNMP's retail delivery service tariff, which is approved by the state Public Utility Commission, provides further details. Download TNMP's tariffs.

What you can do

  • Prune trees on your property long before they grow enough to get near power lines.
    • If they are near power lines, don't trim them yourself - call us.
  • If you want to trim or remove a tree that is close to or interfering with service wires (the electric wires that go from the pole to your house), call us at 888-866-7456 at least 24 hours in advance.
    • We will, at no charge, temporarily disconnect your service.

Wood chips

TNMP offers free wood chips to our customers. Call us to request some.

Tree Planting

  • Know where underground lines are located before planting a tree, shrub or garden plant.
  • Select the right tree for the location.
    • Mature trees must be at least 15 feet from power lines.
    • Plant trees 10 feet or more from underground pad-mount transformers (green boxes sometimes seen in residential areas).
      • Tree roots can interfere with underground utilities.
  • Remove tall growing trees and replant with low-growing varieties to prevent future problems.