Household Electric Safety Tips

  • Make sure smoke alarms are:
    • Installed on every floor outside sleeping areas.
    • Installed in every bedroom.
    • In good working order.
  • Look for tell-tale signs of electrical problems, including:
    • Dimming of lights.
    • Frequent circuit-breaker trips.
    • Blown fuses.
  • Ask a qualified electrician if your home would benefit from AFCI protection.
    • Especially important during inspections of older homes or upgrades to electrical systems.
  • Limit use of extension cords, particularly cords used to power room air
  • Use light bulbs that are the proper wattage for the fixture.
    • Higher-wattage bulbs can degrade the wires in and around the fixture.

Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission


Home Electrical Safety Checklist

"Keeping You and Your Family Safe, Room-by-Room": PDF download from CPSC