Beware of Scams

Beware of scamsScammers often target utility customers by demanding payment to prevent disconnection of service, usually by impersonating utility companies.

TNMP never contacts customers about their bills. We may contact customers about their electric service, but:

  • never about bills.
  • never about disconnecting service for non-payment.

Watch for suspicious behaviors

  • Callers claiming to represent TNMP, but asking about your bill = scam.
    • Some scammers use software that makes TNMP's name and phone number show up in caller ID.
  • Callers saying your will be disconnected "today" or even within minutes if you don't make immediate payment = scam.
  • Callers instructing you to purchase gift cards from retail stores, then call them and provide the card info = scam.

What you should do

  1. Don't provide any information – just hang up.
  2. Call your retail electric provider (the company that sends you a bill) if you want to check on your billing status.
    • Call the number on your bill to make sure you speak with the correct company.

Door-to-door sales

  • TNMP is not a retail electric provider (a REP – aka, a billing company).
    • We have no interest in which REP you choose for your billing plan; we deliver power to you just the same.
  • Any door-to-door sales people who represent themselves as affiliated with TNMP and selling electricity pricing plans should be turned away.
    • Don't let these people into your home.
    • Don't agree to anything.
    • Call the police and report description of the people, any vehicles and direction of travel.
    • Report this info to TNMP, too, please.
  • Certain third-party businesses that are approved participants in TNMP's energy efficiency program may conduct door-to-door sales.

Real TNMP callers & visitors (or affiliated visitors)

  • TNMP employees generally will call you only to return your call or if we need to follow up about a power outage report.
  • TNMP employees may visit your property to access our meters, poles and other equipment, but we don't need to enter your home.
  • Certain third-party businesses that are approved participants in TNMP's energy efficiency program can conduct door-to-door sales.
    • These approved contractors, in selling goods and services, work on behalf of TNMP regarding energy savings and power reductions, but they aren't representatives of TNMP.
    • Their marketing collateral may include TNMP's name and logo, but any sales to which you agree will be between that third-party business and you.