Storms: What TNMP Will Be Doing

When severe weather is forecasted, we prepare crews for power outage work in areas that are expected to be affected.

We also have plans for quickly calling in additional crews to assist, if needed.

For hurricanes, we plan for staging additional crews outside the danger zone and bring them into the area once it's safe to do so.


  • Our first focus after storms is to restore any critical services, including hospitals, water / sewer facilities and public safety facilities.
  • We then apply a triage approach to power restoration.
  • Our crews focus on fixing damage that is disrupting power for the most number of customers, then make repairs affecting smaller numbers of customers.
  • Finding all of our storm-damaged equipment - particularly after dark - sometimes can be time-consuming, but crews will keep working until all customers have power restored from these storms.
  • We always strongly emphasize safety, so we will work carefully and deliberately.
  • We will delay restoring power in certain circumstances if that's necessary to ensure public and / or employee safety.
  • Post-storm outage restoration often requires trimming of trees by TNMP employees or our contractors.
  • Trimmed branches may be left on a customer's property to enable crews to move more quickly to restore power for other customers in other areas.