Use TNMP's online distribution generation application system to submit applications.

Please submit the DG application and supporting documentation, (one-line diagram and site plan), via TNMP’s DG Portal.  The One-Line and Site Plan must include the Customer’s ESI Id and TNMP meter number.  The Site Plan must identify the location of TNMP’s meter and the AC Disconnect of the DG system.

After the DG application is submitted, the customer will receive an email, from PowerClerk Notification, requesting that they affirm that the Installer is authorized to submit the DG Application on their behalf and that the information submitted is correct.  The Customer Confirmation email contains a link to the confirmation.  The Customer must complete the confirmation before the DG application progresses to Application Review. 

See Attached Sample of the Customer Confirmation email.


TNMP DG Permission to Operate Guidelines for Installers.pdf

TNMP Interconnection Website User Guide_2020.pdf

TNMP Small Commercial and Residential Project Requirements.pdf

TNMP’s DG process:

1. Installer submits DG application, site plan, one-line diagram, and specification of the proposed inverter via TNMP DG Portal

2. Customer affirms information is correct and approves submittal of DG Application by Installer

3. DG Application reviewed, and study performed. 

4. TNMP submits Interconnection Agreement to Customer.                              

5. Customer returns signed Interconnection Agreement to TNMP.

6. TNMP returns a Letter of No Objection, approving installation of the proposed DG system

7. Installer provides Notification of Completion for DG system, with pictures as described in TNMP’s DG Permission to Operate Guidelines.

8. TNMP inspects and test DG installation (TNMP’s Option)

9. TNMP installs its DG meter. (Customer is charged a $227 meter change fee for DG meter)

10. Customer is authorized to interconnect DG system after installation of TNMP DG meter.

11. TNMP revises customer load profile to reflect DG status. (30 to 45 days after installation of DG meter)

The system is intended to provide transparency to installers and customers.

Contact Vincent Herrera with questions: 972-353-5008