Power Line Safety Tips

Downed power lines:

If you come across damaged power poles or downed power lines, call TNMP immediately at 888-866-7456 and give an accurate location with a pole or equipment number, if available. 

If a downed power line or equipment is touching other objects (trees, fences, automobiles, etc.) consider them to be energized and do not touch the power line or anything touching it.

Do not attempt to move any downed power lines or remove any meters from homes or businesses.

Do not spray water or foam sprays on wires or energized electrical equipment, even if there is a fire. Wait for PNM to arrive and safely de-energize the circuit or meter. 

  • Keep away from all downed power lines.
    • A power line that touches the ground can shock or kill you even if you do not touch it.
    • The electrical current can travel through the ground and into your body.
  • Keep all objects far away from power lines at all times, including:
    • Masts
    • Poles
    • Ladders
    • Tools
    • Toys
  • If taking down or moving an antenna, be aware of new lines that have been put up since the antenna was installed.
  • Never assume that an overhead power line is electrically insulated.
    • Always assume that contact with any line can be lethal.
  • Never place a ladder anywhere near an electrical power line.
  • Position non-metal ladders (such as fiberglass) at a height and location that prevents the possibility of you or it contacting a power line.
  • Keep the distance from an antenna or pole to the power line at least 1½ times the height of the antenna or pole.
  • Properly ground all masts in accordance with electrical codes.
  • Be aware that you can be electrocuted by touching a power line directly or by touching a conductive material (such as a metal ladder, antenna, pipe, kite) and, at the same time, the earth or any grounded item (such as metal siding or a downspout).