Backup Generators

  • Generators should be used only in strict accordance with manufacturer specifications and in compliance with local codes.
  • Portable generators should be operated not only outside, but well away from buildings due to risk of carbon monoxide being pulled into structures.

Powering your home or business

  • A portable generator should not be connected to power your entire home unless you have received all required approvals for use of a transfer switch and it has been installed by a trained professional.
  • Failure to meet this requirement can risk public safety, your neighbors’ safety, TNMP line crew members’ safety and your safety.
  • Non-portable generators can be used to power all or part of your entire home or business, but also require transfer switches upon installation.

Transfer switches: steps to take

TNMP allows use of open transition (break-before-make) transfer switches.

Visit TNMP's PowerClerk site to submit and track applications.