Power Outages & Hazards

If Your Power Is Out

Before reporting your outage

  • Safely check your breakers to see whether any have tripped.
  • This may help you avoid a fee on your bill if you report an outage, but the problem isn't with our equipment. There may not be time after you report an outage to call us back to cancel and avoid the fee.
  • Check to see if your neighbors are out, if it's safe to do so.

To report an outage or hear an updated estimate

  1. Call 888-866-7456
  2. Select option 1
  • You can hear updated restoration estimates.
  • You may be able to report your outage in the automated system (quicker) or you can select to speak to an agent.
  • The automated system will provide updates, when available, while you're waiting for an agent.
  • If you reported a new outage, wait at least 30 minutes before calling back for an updated restoration estimate.
  • We provide our best available estimates for when power will be restored. All estimates are subject to change.

Canceling an outage

It may be too late to avoid a fee if you report an outage and find out after calling that the issue wasn't with TNMP equipment.

You can try, though, by:

  1. Calling 888-866-7456
  2. Going through the outage-reporting steps again (if prompted).
  3. Waiting and listening for the option to speak to an agent.

The agent can notify operations that you wish to cancel, but the agent won't have information about whether it was in time to avoid a fee.

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Extreme weather planning for customers

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Report Electric Utility Equipment Hazards

  1. Call 888-866-7456
  2. Select option 2