Meet the folks behind the poles, wires & meters


Meet Debbie

She knows how to handle tough electric company linemen.

Meet Hector

He's in the thick of helping Pecos navigate challenges and helping the community succeed.

Meet Aaron

He worked on line crews for 12 years when he moved to substations. It was a new education.

Meet Jonathan

Utility engineers sometimes are teased, probably unfairly, for being too "left-brained" and perhaps lacking creative sides. Don't tell that to Jonathan.

Meet Scott

Behind any good effort to restore power after a big storm is a warehouse full of poles, transformers and so much more.

Meet Bobby

Have you been to a business as a customer and have that visit lead to becoming one of its employees? That's how it happened for Bobby.

Meet Ed

It's not that Ed knows everyone in Lewisville; it just seems that way sometimes.


Meet Heidi

She stays balanced by adding a love of painting to her detailed, technical work responsibilities.
Mark and Rodney

Meet Mark & Rodney

Their first time climbing poles was 33 and 25 years ago. Now they're foremen and still respected for their climbing skills.

Meet Ben

He kept working, restoring power, even after finding out the tornado had damaged his home, too.

Meet Bob

HIs life experiences have taught him to expect the unexpected.

Meet Pete

When a surprise storm hit, he instinctively knew what it meant.

Meet Vere

She's a survivor who wants you to stay healthy, too.

Meet Greg

He's a coach on the job and an umpire off of it.

Meet Mark

Every seasoned lineman knows how to do Mark's job. But not every guy can do it, or even wants to do it.

Meet Titus

Titus admits that moving to Pecos was quite a change for him.

Meet Dustin

"This is what we do for our children," he says. "We do dangerous work, and we do it for our kids."

Meet Mike

Mike planned to take an entry level line crew job with TNMP for just a couple months, waiting for construction jobs to pick up again.

Meet Tommy

Tommy is one of the people who will be critical if your community is going to need a lot more power delivered.
Scott and James

Meet James & Scott

Brothers can be so much alike, yet so very different. Such is the case for James and Scott.

Meet Gary

Ensuring the safety of his crew members is Gary’s first responsibility.

Meet Dolly

She’s a grandmother at home. She’s sort of a grandmother at work, too.

Meet Jimmy

Meter readers usually have interesting stories to share. Imagine how many Jimmy has compiled since he started reading meters in 1987.