Meet the folks behind the poles, wires & meters

Meet David

Meet David G: TNMPeople

In honor of Veterans Day 2021, David – one of 31 veterans at TNMP – was asked to reflect on his time in the service.

Meet Jonathan: TNMPeople

Utility engineers sometimes are teased, probably unfairly, for being too "left-brained" and perhaps lacking creative sides. Don't tell that to Jonathan.

Meet Scott: TNMPeople

Behind power-restoration after a big storm is a warehouse full of poles, transformers and more.

Meet Heidi: TNMPeople

She stays balanced by adding a love of painting to her detailed, technical work responsibilities.

Meet Ben: TNMPeople

He kept working, restoring power, even after finding out the tornado had damaged his home, too.

Meet Mark: TNMPeople

Every seasoned lineman knows how to do Mark's job. But not every guy can do it, or even wants to do it.

Meet Dustin: TNMPeople

"This is what we do for our children," he says. "We do dangerous work, and we do it for our kids."

Meet Mike: TNMPeople

Mike planned to take an entry level line crew job with TNMP for just a couple months, waiting for construction jobs to pick up again.

Meet Tommy: TNMPeople

Tommy is one of the people who will be critical if your community is going to need a lot more power delivered.

Meet Jimmy: TNMPeople

Meter readers usually have interesting stories to share. Imagine how many Jimmy has compiled since he started reading meters in 1987.