Power Outage Map


For Customers Using Phones

We recommend calling to report outages and/or to obtain more specific, updated restoration estimates from our automated phone system. Visit our Power Outages & Hazards page for the number to call and steps to take.

Restoration Estimates

All restoration times listed are estimates that are subject to change. Actual restoration may take more or less time than indicated.




  • Outages will display on the map within about 20 minutes of being reported to us.
  • Outages will drop off the map within about 20 minutes of power being restored.
  • All restoration times listed are estimates that are subject to change; actual restoration may take more or less time than indicated.

Tips for using the map

If you live in a rural area and select your community from the drop-down menu, you may have to zoom out to locate the map pin for your outage.

Internet Explorer users may need to close their windows and re-launch the program to see updates in certain circumstances.

We recognize that knowing when power will be restored is very important to customers, so we’ll provide and/or update estimates as soon as we can. Updates may be delayed significantly if multiple or large outages are under way, including when storms are impacting one or more parts of our service territory. We ask customers to understand that we provide our best estimates, but that specific times aren’t promised or guaranteed because of various issues, including travel time, severity of damage to our equipment, other outages that already may have been under way and other, unknown factors that are out of our control.