2024 National Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 5-11

Brazoria and Galveston Counties

As hurricane season approaches, it is imperative to raise awareness and readiness among communities vulnerable to these powerful storms. The National Hurricane Preparedness Week, observed from May 5th to May 11th, 2024, serves as a crucial reminder for individuals, families, and organizations to prepare and plan for potential hurricanes.

Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) customers are encouraged to include the possibility of power outages in their annual hurricane season preparations.

TNMP’s Gulf Coast teams are knowledgeable about and experienced in restoring power after tropical storms and hurricanes, but the work still can be challenging. Additional crews also will be staged in advance of a storm making landfall.

"Public and crew member safety is our highest priority, but we will get power restored as quickly as safety allows," TNMP President Neal Walker said. "We fully understand the importance to our customers and communities of having power available as soon as possible."

Common effects

While the impact that a storm may have on our system is difficult to predict, lengthy power outages often can result.

Winds can damage equipment directly, along with broken and blowing tree limbs contacting wires and other equipment. Lightning strikes also are common causes of outages.

Flooding resulting from tropical storms also could impact service, including that:

  • employees potentially could be unable to reach and / or repair equipment.
  • power in areas with underground service may need to be turned off by us to ensure public safety.

Important tips for customers:

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1.       Developing a Family Emergency Plan: Create a comprehensive plan that outlines evacuation routes, emergency contacts, and essential supplies. Ensure that every member of the family understands their roles and responsibilities during a hurricane.

2.       Building an Emergency Kit: Assemble a well-stocked emergency kit that includes food, water, medication, first aid supplies, important documents, and other essential items to sustain your household for several days.

3.       Staying Informed: Stay informed about potential threats by monitoring weather forecasts and official communications from local authorities. Sign up for emergency alerts and notifications to receive timely updates and instructions.

4.       Securing Property: Take steps to safeguard your home and property against hurricane damage. Trim trees and shrubs, reinforce windows and doors, and secure outdoor objects that could become projectiles in high winds.

5.       Preparing for Evacuation: Familiarize yourself with evacuation routes and shelters in your area. Plan ahead for the needs of pets and individuals with special needs and follow evacuation orders issued by authorities without delay.

6.       Recovering After the Storm: After the storm has passed, exercise caution when returning home and assessing damage. Avoid flooded areas, downed power lines, and other hazards, and seek assistance from emergency services if needed.

National Hurricane Preparedness Week serves as a critical reminder that preparedness is the key to resilience in the face of hurricanes and other natural disasters. By taking proactive steps to prepare, individuals and communities can minimize risks and protect lives and property during hurricane season.

TNMP is a transmission and distribution service provider that delivers power to more than 270,000 homes and businesses on behalf of retail electric providers in Texas. More information is available at tnmp.com/about-us.

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