Include Power Outages in Spring Storm Plans

Lewisville, Texas

Texas-New Mexico Power would like to suggest that power customers include power outage preparation as part of their spring thunderstorm and tornado plans.

Wind, lightning and trees – with or without tornadoes – make spring the busiest time of year for TNMP in terms of responding to power outages.

"We have extra crews ready when weather forecasts say bad weather is coming," TNMP President Neal Walker says. "Big storms can make our efforts more challenging and require more time to complete repairs. So, we encourage customers to have plans ready to go ahead of time."

Steps Customers Can Take

  • Put the power company’s phone number in a convenient location.
    • For TNMP customers, call 888-866-7456 to report an outage or to hear the latest estimate for when power will be restored.
  • Check flashlights or electric lanterns in advance.
  • Ensure in advance batteries for flashlights and weather radios are fresh.
  • Charge phones, tablets, rechargeable lanterns and hand-held video games in the hours before a storm is expected to arrive.
  • Have snacks and drinks ready to go – but not in the refrigerator, which should stay closed while the power is out.
  • Prepare a backup plan if someone in the home depends on powered medical equipment.
  • Customers also may wish to discuss with children, in advance, what a power outage means, particularly after dark.

How Customers Can Stay Safe

  • Avoid using landline phones if there is lightning in the area.
  • Cordless and mobile phones are OK.
  • Teach everyone to stay far away from any downed power lines, regardless of whether power is on in the area.
  • Run portable generators outside and well away from any buildings.
  • Portable generator owners also should know why they should only power specific appliances – not an entire home or business.

Staying safe when lightning is around also is important. Tips are available from

How TNMP Prepares

We prepare crews for power outage work in areas that are forecasted to be affected by incoming weather. We also have plans for quickly calling in additional crews, if needed.

Our first focus is on fixing damage that is disrupting power for the most number of customers. Finding storm-damaged equipment, particularly after dark, can be time-consuming.

While maintaining a strong emphasis on safety in what can be dangerous working conditions, crews will work until all customers have power restored from these storms.

Texas-New Mexico Power is a transmission and distribution service provider that delivers power to about 245,000 homes and businesses on behalf of retail electric providers in Texas. More information is available at

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