TNMP Crews Working Diligently in the Community

Lewisville, Texas

As our state continues to enact measures to keep the community safe, TNMP would like to remind customers that our crews will be working in the field. While TNMP has issued a mandatory work-from-home policy for all "non-essential" staff, our field crews do essential work that requires them to continue to be out in the communities that we serve in order to maintain the reliable power that we proudly provide to customers.
As our field crews do work on our system, you may seem them out in TNMP trucks in your neighborhoods, even though some counties in Texas have been ordered to stay at home. While some operations work can be done indoors, most of the work that is done to electrical equipment and facilities is hands-on and requires personnel on the ground who are on call 24 hours a day. No matter what is going on in our state, keeping the lights on for customers, including businesses, hospitals, and police and fire stations, is an around-the-clock, 365-day effort. 
"The incredible responsibility of keeping the lights on for customers falls almost entirely upon their shoulders," TNMP President Neal Walker said. "The strength, dedication and sense of purpose they bring to this essential task truly lights our path forward. We are so thankful for their hard work."
We realize that TNMP crews are easy to recognize and that customers may be tempted to approach them with questions. However, the work these crews do is incredibly dangerous and requires their full attention. We urge the public to call TNMP at 888-866-7456 for any questions they have about their electric service. 
Please remember that TNMP crews need to be outside in our neighborhoods and help us keep them safe by maintaining distance and allowing them to carefully do their work so they may go home to their families every day.

TNMP is a transmission and distribution service provider that delivers power to about 255,000 homes and businesses on behalf of retail electric providers in Texas. More information is available at

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