TNMP holds annual Safety Day

Pilot Point, Texas

North Texas Safety Day 2023

“Be the reason everyone goes home safe.” This is a quote you’ll often hear or see while at Texas-New Mexico Power, especially during Safety Day. It’s crucial for employees from all generations to all be on the same page. 

“In Olney, we have older fellows who have kids. I want our employees to go home at the end of the day,” said Ed, Olney crew leader.

Safety Day is an annual internal employee appreciation and recognition event, with guest speakers, training classes and live safety demonstrations. 

Safety is one of our core values at TNMP. That’s because many of our employees, including our linemen, work in a hazardous environment every day to serve our customers and keep the lights on.

"The most important thing we would love the community to know and our family members to know, is we are working out there, very hard, restless hours and time. It can be a safety issue and hazard when we are trying to get everyone’s lights on at the same time, while doing it as safely as possible,” said Troy, Bogata lineman.


This year’s Safety Day in North Texas consisted of learning about regulators, transformer connections, meter operations, locates/cable thumping, and the effects of being fatigued. 

In the Gulf, employees got an overview on hot line tag relay operations, SAIDI and SAIFI training, situation safety led by the Texas City Police Department, and heart attack/stroke/AED training led by Texas City Fire Department.

In Central and West Texas, employees learned about 360 walkaround, Smith driving, slips, trips and falls, weather hazards, and work area protection.

“During Safety Day, learning new material about things that are changing, new equipment, like regulators is crucial. The training is important so you can stay safe,” said Justin, Pilot Point lineman. 

By giving our employees the skills to work safely and empowering them with this knowledge, it allows us to better serve customers and keep them safe too.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a quick video from the Lewisville/North Texas Safety Day, as well as a slideshow of pictures from Safety Day events from throughout our service territory.  

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